An SLS-free, natural ingredient toothpaste in several flavors. Contains sodium fluoride and comes in Albéa Greenleaf packaging. The tubes are made from plastic with a thinner web which entails that less recycled plastic has been used in the production. An eco-innovative and efficient packaging solution!



the benefit

Humble natural toothpaste consists of only the mere necessities when it comes to ingredients. We’ve removed all of the dyes, preservatives, microbeads and other nasties and remaining is nothing but mother nature’s finest.

The toothpaste functions just as well as regular toothpaste, with the added benefit that it’s made from natural ingredients only and comes in packaging that places as little stress on mother nature as possible. Our toothpaste is developed by dentists and therefore contains sodium fluoride, which has a proven effect in combating caries and tooth decay.

state of the art facility

produced in Germany

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