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Join the dentists and dental hygienists around the world who are promoting eco-friendly and socially responsible tooth brushing in their dental offices.


Your patients will brush with an effective, safe, cool, natural toothbrush, and with the knowledge that someone who lives in a vulnerable community has been given the opportunity to care for their own oral health. And, co-branded with your clinic logo, they will be reminded where they got their Humble Brush every time they brush in front of the mirror.

Humble Smile Clinics

This title is awarded to selected dental offices around the world who actively demonstrate a high level of care not only to their patients, but also to underprivileged people who don’t have access to dentistry, as well as to the environment.

To qualify, these dental offices promote the following 3 P’s:

Prevention – the dental team is driven by a preventive philosophy that recognizes that no restorative treatment is as good as the pre-diseased condition, and prescribes preventive interventions as the highest level of patient care.

People – staff members are involved in oral health outreach projects for the benefit of people living in places where there is no dentistry available.

Planet – the dental office recommends biodegradable toothbrushes as an alternative to the regular hard plastic manual ones.

Humble Smile Ambassadors

Our Humble Smile Ambassadors are some of dentistry’s global leaders. Through their professional and educational efforts, they have achieved prominence amongst their peers and their opinions and contributions shape the dental profession. As ambassadors, they leverage their world-wide recognition to advance the cause of environmentally and socially responsible tooth brushing.


From left to right: Fadi Yassmin – Australia, Robert Dyes – U.K., Peggy Brown – Canada, Vicente Berbis – Spain, Houda Barbery – Netherlands, Eduardo de la Torre – Switzerland, Moody Alexander – USA, Miguel Stanley – Portugal, Mark Sebastian – Germany, Besa Begu – Kosovo, Christian Coachman – Brazil, Mark Bowes – South Africa.

Humble Smile Clinic

Meet Dr. Moody Alexander

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