Care & Disposal

Keep your brush dry

Bamboo is a material that will keep best when stored dry, which is why enclosed toothbrush cups that may collect water are not recommended. We recommend that you keep your toothbrush in a open-air toothbrush holder or other dry area.

Cleaning the bristles

Rinse and care for our bristles just as you would with a conventional toothbrush.


Your handle

Bamboo is a natural material that will change appearance over time. The top portion of the bamboo which goes into your mouth may appear lighter and faded over time, which is normal and will not affect your brushing experience. Please reuse or compost the handle!

Reuse or compost the handle

The toothbrush handle will safely return to the soil within 6 months in a commercial or private composting bin. The handle can also be reused in your garden or in any other creative way.

Disposal of humble brush

The bristles and handle should be disassembled for proper disposal. The bristles can easily be recycled as plastics or be landfilled after being easily removed from the head with pliers. Doing so will remove a small metal staple that is used to clamp the bristles to the handle. The natural bamboo handle can either be reused or disposed of in a composting bin.